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Being 'lost in a book' is a good thing. :)

How does writing affect your brain?

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Writing infographic

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One can only hope eh? ha ha

Not so much a corporate refugee.

So far so good. To be brutally honest, I'm enjoying Booklikes much more than the  chaos that ensued after joining Goodreads. After hearing about Booklikes on a LitReactor podcast I decided to have a gander. 


I'll be the first to admit I am smothered by social media as of late and am re-examining my use of it. A tweak here, beat a dent out there and I'll be streamlined in no time. Facebook, twitter, my blog, Pinterest, MyFreindsPintFace... It's all to much to keep up with and still work a full time job and work to progress my writing. Time to cull. 


I digress. Why am I enjoying Booklikes over Goodreads you ask? It's the unspoken dialogue. Although I deplore Corporationism, Amazon's purchase didn't leave me disgruntled. Perhaps one day I'll go into more detail as to why. Moving on...


Within days of joining Goodreads I was swamped. Too much going on there if you ask me. It strikes me as a great marketing tool for authors, however as a person starved for literary conversation and book suggestions I found it to be cumbersome an awkward at best. 


In contrast I find Booklikes to be pleasantly streamlined. I'm allowed to pillage and sack the shelves and reviews of those I follow for books that peak my interest.. Trust me when you're an aspiring writer with a critical lack of a bibliophile network in close proximity this is a boon! 


Please bear in mind, this is all off the top of my head as I sit sipping my coffee before knucking down and scrivening for the day. Only on thing I can think of that I'd like to see here. It would be nice if there was an ability for everyone to recommend a book a month to thier followers. A way to make a blanket suggestion I suppose you could say. I think this would keep the "spamish" marketing to a minimum while allowing us all to share that one book each month that no one should be without. This isn't so much a criticism as it is an idea. 


For those following me and those I'm following it's a pleasure to come across you. I hope you're all well. Looking forward to the dialogue and increasing my reading list. Bring it on you lot!